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Industrial body expert

« With Martin 3D and their regulatory monitoring, we can easily update our knowledge of the necessary elements to keep our certification and, most importantly, employees and managers can follow the continuous development of the company in respect of the technicalities and regulations.

>We also appreciate Bruno Martin and his collaborators’ availability, kindness and expertise, and are happy with the relationship that has emerged.  »

LVT Barthe – 81990 LE SEQUESTRE

« You helped us with the UTAC certification in 2010 and, since then, our collaboration has only grown thanks to your counsel, documents and above all your availability. »

Etablissements MOREL Frères – 77580

« Congratulations on your evolution and the added value your actions bring to body shops. Working with a reliable partner like you is important for us. »

Maxi Cargo 56500 PLUMELIN

« Thank you for your trust. It is the beginning of a new partnership. »

Lycée de la carrosserie Paul Guérin de Niort

«Working with Martin 3D it’s:

  • A successful counsel towards the certification of qualified operator, with tools adapted to our job and to our methods of work
  • A smooth registration of side protections with the UTAC
  • A professional, attentive and responsive team on a daily basis with the regulatory monitoring. »

Carrosserie Pioger 72140 SILLE LE GUILLAUME

« We are happy to work with the company MARTIN 3D – its expertise in the field of auditing and the knowledge of our activity are assets we were able to take advantage of. We will not hesitate to call upon Mister MARTIN Bruno in the future. »

Carrosserie Dufils - 08400 Vouziers

5, quai de la République
Tél : 02 43 03 00 69
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5, quai de la République
Phone : 02 43 03 00 69
Fax : 02 53 59 60 85